Starry Eyed Press, 2023

Genre: Sci-fi micro fiction

N.O.A.H.’s Ark is exactly 100 words, and tells the story of Noah’s Ark as a space ship.

In Parenthesis, 2023

Genre: Multi-media

A short, whimsical poem/collage called In Sea Holly.

50-Word Stories, 2023

Genre: Micro fiction, romance

A Pebble for my Girl is a fifty word piece about a vulture that falls in love with a car.

Calliope, 2023

Genre: Sea gothic, speculative

In Agni’s Coat, a woman named Agni lives on the sea shore with her husband and two children. Ignoring her husband’s pleas to stay, Agni ventures out into the cold night air, where she makes a desperate bid for a new life.

Altered Reality, 2023

Genre: Cozy horror, speculative

At a modern-day renaissance fair, a woman comes to work dipping roses at a candle stand after losing her insurance job. The Candle Wench’s protagonist meets a mysterious prince who introduces her to a life beyond the misogyny of her coworkers at a sticky fair stand, but as she learns more about this man and where he comes from, she realizes freedom may not be at all what she expects.

Assignment Magazine, 2022

Genre: Creative nonfiction, essay

The Swell is an essay about Allison Stalberg’s hometown and the gentrification she has witnessed over the last thirty years.

Outposts of Beyond, 2017

Genre: Romance, science fiction

How would you feel about an arranged marriage to an alien? The main character of In the Stars, Xiaohui is married off to an alien called Bet, who is part of a species with a stark aversion to light. Xiaohui learns to live with her new husband, with the dark, and with the new circumstances that make up her life.