Allison Stalberg is a Fiction MFA student attending Southern New Hampshire University. She is a published author and also has short fiction and non-fiction stories published in several anthologies and magazines and is a writer and interviewer for Knee Brace Press, where she interviews authors writing about chronic conditions, disability, mental health, and neurodivergence. As an asexual woman, Allison writes stories that inspire rebellion, independent thinking, and radical love.

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About Wander:

One of my favorite books I read this year! The world building stood out to be as especially brilliant and I fell in love with the characters. Several times it felt more like I was watching the events unfold more than reading a book. If you’re looking for fantasy, I’d absolutely recommend it.

Nicole Zelniker, author of Until We Fall

As a grim dark fantasy, Wander does not disappoint. Following the harrowing journey of Wander as she navigates a new world and learns that not everything or everyone is as they seem. Through the pain and suffering, fighting and deceit, Wander continues forward with love still in her heart, no matter how cruel the world is to her.

Amazon Review by Hannah