Allison Stalberg is an author with short fiction and non-fiction stories published in several anthologies and magazines. She is a writer and interviewer for Knee Brace Press, where she talks to authors writing about chronic conditions, disability, mental health, and neurodivergence. She received her BA in English and anthropology from Guilford College and her MFA in Fiction at Southern New Hampshire University.

As an asexual woman, Allison likes to write stories that that stir rebellion, independent thinking, and radical love.

Projects in the works:

“Heidi’s House of Rescued Familiars”

An urban fantasy book about impoverished wizards and witches in the Deep South, particularly in rural Louisiana. Heidi’s local rescue helps magical familiars, from teleporting cat colonies to toad hoarders. However, after vowing to rescue a human familiar, her little volunteer organization may have bitten off more than it can chew.

Status: Querying

“Where the Carousel Ends”

“Pinocchio” meets “Watership Down” in this story about carousel horses that have come to life. Led by a real horse of flesh and blood, the fiberglass herd seek freedom the circus. Not only are they fleeing the carousel, but they find that they must change if they are to stop their bodies from going back to walking in circles.

Status: Drafting

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