Raised by a musician and activist in the yuppie college town of Chapel Hill (where she still lives), Allison Stalberg began her writing journey as a teenager with fan fiction and worked her way to purely original content by young adulthood. She was privileged enough to travel the world at a young age, and considers that as the brunt of her education, from helping build a clinic in Ecuador to learning about poverty in Nicaragua, from studying fantasy writers in England to taking calligraphy classes with her host family in Japan.

In addition to being a fiction writer, Allison also worked in journalism for seven years and currently conducts interviews with authors for Knee Brace Press, an online literary magazine dedicated to chronic illness, disability, mental health, and neurodivergence. She also teaches youth about asexuality for the OWL program at her Unitarian Church.

When she’s not writing, Allison can be found snuggling her cats, making her way through her massive to be read pile, and/or playing video games. She happily lives in the neighborhood she grew up in with her husband, Ryan.

Fun facts about Allison:

  • Favorite video games: Final Fantasy XIV, Red Dead Redemption 2, The Dragon Age Series, The Mass Effect series, The Fatal Frame series, Hades, Pokémon SoulSilver, The Fallout series, Shadow of the Colossus, Paradise Killer, Telltales Walking Dead, Animal Crossing, Disco Elysium, Baldur’s Gate 3, and Ib.
  • Favorite animals: Seals, cats, nautilus’, foxes, rabbits, and luna moths.
  • Favorite books: The Last Unicorn, The Little Prince, Watership Down, Pigs, Uzumaki, The Haunting of Hill House, Mexican Gothic, The Sunbearer Trials, Tithe, Cemetery Boys, Iron Widow, Legendborn, and Tell Me I’m Worthless.
  • Pokémon team of choice: Ninetails, Mimikyu, Eevee, Primarina, Ampharos, and Dragonite.
  • Favorite anime: Magi Madoka Magica, Princess Tutu, Attack on Titan, Code Geass, Inuyasha, Castlevania, and Pom Boko.
  • Myers Briggs: INTJ